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Monday Nov 07, 2022

The app world is TEEMING with apps determined to help you become better at managing your to-do list.  With promises of “no more wasted time” and the belief that we will be reminded of our every errand, it is easy to dismiss the idea of jotting down our daily obligations on a piece of paper.  
This week’s LIFE WORK:This week focus on your to-do list technique as you tackle the planner challenge.  
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Monday Oct 31, 2022

While digital organization has its place, paper planners are here to stay! They allow us to take a pause from the constant distractions life brings. Phones, computers, virtual meetings, notification alerts, ….it can be TOO MUCH! Listen in to learn more about the benefits of paper planning and join our 28 Day “Plan to Succeed” challenge starting November 1
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This week’s LIFE WORK:
Download your planner then check your email.  (Might want to add to your contacts)

Monday Oct 24, 2022

Visit to get your FREE 28 day planner. This year, let’s do things different! Let’s strike BEFORE the iron is hot and set ourselves up for the BEST holiday season yet.  The best part? I’m not going to tell you what or how to eat!  Love your food, eat your food and stay HEALTHY! How? It all begins with staying F.I.T. during the last quarter of the year. 

Monday Oct 17, 2022

Something I hear a lot in everyday life is people talking about what diet or fitness program they are currently involved in.  Maybe I’m just attuned to it being a health & fitness gal, but it always seems like people are just jumping from thing to thing!! 
Let’s talk about 3 Red Flags to watch for!
If you are looking for a program like this you are in LUCK.  I have created The Mind Into MOtion (MiMo) Method and recently got my first round of coaches certified so we can offer this program more often and to more people.  You can visit if you want a program the definitely works and has none of these red flags. 
If you are a fitpro, life coach or health coach or someone who works with clients in this way then you might be more interested in becoming a Body Freedom Specialist and getting licensed to use the course materials along the way. You can visit to check it out and get on the list for our next cycle that starts in January.  We only take 10 students at a time and its a 12 week process so don’t wait! 

Why Am I So Stressed?

Monday Oct 10, 2022

Monday Oct 10, 2022

It isn’t a perfect science, but our goal shouldn’t be to be perfectly non-stressed. Our goal should be to prevent chronic distress in our bodies. And we can do this by framing these feelings MOST of the time and not beating ourselves up for the times we struggle to frame the feeling of stress.
Bottom line is that we were designed to have stressful events occur and use the hormones that flood our bloodstream to do things to make problems and situations better.  The problem isn’t that we encounter stress, it is that we frame it poorly and live in that perception!
Visit for more health & life coaching for women.

Monday Oct 03, 2022

I GET IT!  And I’ve been there! And the worst part is…you can’t break free.  Even when you know it isn’t good…maybe even toxic… you STILL go back. Am I speaking your language?  Want to know why?? The Science behind it?

What can I do to be happier?

Monday Sep 26, 2022

Monday Sep 26, 2022

Let's dispel the notion that you have to "seek happiness" and talk about how to access the joy you already have inside. Join Gretchen as she shares techniques for overcoming belief blocks and thought traps keeping you stuck and offer you tools to stay joyful regardless of outside stressors. Visit to learn more.

Why is body love so hard?

Monday Sep 19, 2022

Monday Sep 19, 2022

Explore body love and body freedom with Gretchen as she answers the #1 question in her coaching career.

Tuesday Sep 13, 2022

Let's talk vision, habits, and restarts to create a change in behavior and get back on track! Together we can move into into Maintenance Mode.

Monday Sep 05, 2022

Join Gretchen for a no-nonsense, practical take on Life Coaching! Starting September 12.


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